Learn more about how Luxe Photobooth can help make your event unforgettable by clicking the links below:

  • Photo Filters
    Why be limited to just color or black & white? Luxe Photobooth offers several photo filters to stylize your photos. Come and see the different filters that are available.
  • Customized Photostrips
    Our customized designs are robust and the possibilities are endless! You are not just limited to a small boxed area but our designs are often interactive, playful, and creative. We can take elements from your event like invitations, flyers, or themes and incorporate them into the design.
  • Props are so last century!
    Most of us wouldn't be caught in public wearing those cheesy and tacky props so often found with other photobooths and there is no reason why you should be stuck with cheesy photos! Learn how we have eliminated the need for distasteful props and instead capture your guests' expressions that you wouldn't otherwise be able to.
  • The Photobooth
    The Luxe Photobooth has been designed from the ground up to give you the best-looking and professional results, meaning more fun and memorable photos from your event! Learn more about what makes Luxe Photobooth the best photobooth in Kansas City.
  • How It Works
    Never been in a photobooth? Have no fear! It's really fun and easy. Just get some friends, come on in, and get ready to have some fun!

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