Customized Photostrips

Like everything else with the Luxe Photobooth, we like to take things to the next level. And our customized photostrips are no exception.

Most photobooth companies offer a small rectangular area on the photostrip to add a logo or text. There are two issues with this:

First, that rectangular area that most companies use to customize your photostrip replaces a spot where you could have another photo. So, instead of four photos per session, you only get three.

Second, being limited to that small space often leaves a design that is drab and leaves much more to be desired for.

Luxe Photobooth Customized Photostrips

At Luxe Photobooth, our designs are robust and the possibilities are endless! You are not just limited to a small boxed in area but our designs are often interactive, playful, and creative. We can take elements from your event like invitations, flyers, or themes and incorporate them into the design.

We have even coordinated with photographers on the day of the wedding to get a photo of the couple to use on the photostrip design. Imagine how impressed your guests would be when they see a photo of the two of you from literally minutes ago on the photostrip design that they can then take home with them that very night!

Our customized photostrip designs truly help make your event unforgettable!

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