Props are so last century!

We do things a little differently here at Luxe Photobooth by completely forgoing the typically tacky and over-the-top props that are offered by just about every other photobooth company.

Imagine going to an event dress up and looking your best and then covering all that up with oversized sunglasses, feather boas, and goofy wigs and hats? Most of us wouldn’t be caught in public wearing those things so why do people get their photos taken like that? Not to mention the hygienic issues of sharing those same props with who knows how many people or even how many other events those props were used at?! At weddings, there is usually a dance floor and people get quite a workout on the dance floor and then put on some props and jump into the photobooth…. Personally, we wouldn’t want to be the next person in line after that guy!

You may be wondering, “How can you have a photobooth without props? Where’s the fun in that? What would people do in a photobooth without those cheesy props?”

Props are so last century

Take a look through our photo gallery and the photos on this site. Every photo on this site was taken in the Luxe Photobooth without the use of cheesy, tacky props! Instead of using props, we have designed and developed our own software that encourages guests to express their creativity and are able to capture people’s expressions that wouldn’t otherwise be likely. We bring out the fun side of people.

When it comes to cheesy, gawdy, tacky props, we find people are much more creative and have a lot more fun without them thanks to the Luxe Photobooth.

Note: Looking through our photos may change how you look at every other photobooth. You may develop a distaste for cheesy, tacky props and may start to be embarrassed of all the photos you’ve taken in the past without realizing how ridiculous those props were. You have been forewarned 😉

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