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Luxe Kansas City Photo BoothLuxe Photobooth Kansas City Photo Booth RentalKansas City Photo Booth Rental Luxe Photobooth

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Kansas City’s finest photo booth! The Luxe Photobooth has been designed from the ground up to give you the best-looking and professional results, meaning more fun and memorable photos from your event!

Every aspect of the Luxe Photobooth has been hand selected and designed to meet the highest standards. There is no reason to hire a photobooth that skimps on these qualities. After all, you will be looking at your photobooth pictures for a long time!

Canon Digital SLR Camera

We use professional Canon Digital SLR cameras that provide uncompromised image quality. Other photobooths use a point and shoot camera or even a webcam (yikes!) which will yield low quality pictures – you can tell by the grain, noise, and overblown highlights in the images.

Professional Lighting Setup

Our lighting setup has been designed by photography professionals to give you what we call a “beauty light.” Photography literally means “drawing with light” so the better lighting you have, the better your photos will turn out.

By supplementing the camera with a professional lighting setup, we eliminate harsh shadows and unflattering photos. Other photobooths will either use the camera’s on-camera flash or they will use no flash at all – the camera compensates for the lack of light by introducing grain, noise, blur, and lack of detail into your images.

Our photos are clean, crisp, full of detail and color thanks to our professionally designed lighting setup!

Versatile Setups

Luxe Photobooth Kansas City Photo booth setup with curtains Luxe Photobooth photo booths have been designed to be versatile and adjustable to different conditions.

Our photo booths are handicap accessible as there are no steps and your guests don’t have to squeeze into a small enclosure to get inside.

The outer curtains can be removed so that everyone can join in on the fun and see what’s going on “inside” the booth. This is also ideal at school functions and events where discretion must be supervised.

The Luxe Photobooth is designed with the highest quality and standards to give you the best possible memory keepsakes from your event.

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