Make your event unforgettable!

Want to have incredible photos of your guests at your wedding?


looking gorgeous today!

We believe that weddings shouldn’t be stressful. Your wedding day is a celebration… one full of joy, love, and laughter.

You’ve planned the perfect wedding and all that’s left now is to enjoy it with your closest friends and family!

We know you’ve left no detail untouched. And your guests are an important part of your lives and you want to make them a part of the memories captured of your day.

You can trust Luxe Photobooth to capture the memories that even your photographer can’t capture to create a more complete and unforgettable story of your special day.


Your guests come to your event looking their best and you want them to remember how much fun they had… and how fabulous they looked!

So why does every other photobooth want to cover up your gorgeous guests with tacky props?

It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the people!

Stay classy, Kansas City.


Making events unforgettable in Kansas City since 2010.

From weddings, fundraisers, holiday parties, branding activations, and everything in between, you can count on us to apply our experience, talent, and creativity to your successful event!


One less thing to worry about. Throughout the entire process, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

From photo print design, to setup, to the day-of, we will do our best to take care of things and stay out of your way so you can enjoy your day.

Props are so last century!

Oversized sunglasses? Feather boas? Goofy wigs and hats? Cheesy props = Cheesy photos.

You wouldn’t be caught in public wearing those things so why would you want them in a photobooth?

There’s no need to look ridiculuous.

You’re glamorous. You’re fabulous. And the Luxe Photobooth makes you look good.

When you look this good, why would you even want props?

Stay classy, Kansas City.


No templates or *meh* designs here. The whole print is our canvas and we customize each design to coordinate with your Kansas City event details. Tell us your vision for your event and we will bring it to life!

Taking elements from your invitations, wedding programs, and theme for your Kansas City wedding, we create a totally customized photo print design. Each design is unique and custom-tailored to your event.

We can even incorporate photos taken on the DAY. OF. YOUR. WEDDING into the design. Say what?!

Printed on-site within seconds of taking your photos, they also make for memorable keepsakes or wedding favors for your guests.


If you want the best images, make sure the photo booth you hire has the best equipment.

We use professional Canon DSLR cameras.

No iPads. No webcams. No built-in cameras.

Our beauty light brings out the best in you and your guests.

No hard shadows. No dim, grainy images. Just crisp, flattering studio-quality images worthy of your wall.

What if someone moves when the photo booth takes a photo?

No problem. Our professional equipment can handle motion. No blur here. Try that with an iPad booth!

If you want the best images, make sure the photo booth you hire has the best equipment.

If you want the best images, make sure the photo booth you hire has the best equipment.

What our clients say


Do you provide props?

“I love looking ridiculous!” Said no person ever!

You wouldn’t be caught in public wearing those gawdy props so why would you want them at your Kansas City wedding?

  • Props do not inspire creativity.
  • Props are not classy. (Will you still like looking at your photos in a few years?… Or will you cringe looking at them?)
  • Props are not hygienic (if you care about that sort of thing like we do).

Read more about why we don’t recommend props and what we do instead.

Is there a limit to the number of photos that can be taken at an event?

Absolutely not! You can take as many photos as you’d like and we encourage it. The more the merrier! Unlimited photo sessions. Have as much fun as you want (or can handle).

Can you personalize the prints?

No templatized designs here. We will take elements from your invitations, wedding programs, and theme and incorporate them into the design to match the rest of your wedding. We can even take photos from your engagement session or the day of your wedding and put them on the photo prints to impress your guests even more. We will make as many changes as you want until you are absolutely thrilled with your photo print design. That’s how happy we want you to be. You can read more about our customized photo print designs here.

How many people can fit in the photobooth?

As many as can fit into the picture! Due to the versatile design of our photobooth, our photobooth can be placed just about anywhere and you can fit as many people into the picture as is physically possible! Fun times! Our current record is 12 people in the enclosed booth! With the open air booth, you can fit as many people as are willing to get in.

What are Photo Filters?

Most Kansas City photo booth rental companies offer the option to print your photos in color or black & white. Not only can your guests decide whether they want to have their photos taken in color, black & white, or sepia through the photobooth’s touch screen interface, but we also offer several photo filters to choose from! These photo filters apply a filter to the photos to give them a different look like an Instagram-esque Vintage, a Glamour look, an edgy magazine Cool Blue, or a sharp ultra-real True Grit. Learn more about our photo filters.

How much space do you need for the photobooth?

Due to the versatile design of our photobooth, we can squeeze into an area as small as 5’x5′. With our open air photobooth, at least a 8’x8′ space is recommended. The more space you have allocated for the photobooth, the more people you can fit into the photobooth and the photos tend to be more flattering.

Why Luxe Photobooth?

We wholeheartedly believe that you won’t find a better photo booth in Kansas City than Luxe Photobooth. We started this business because we saw what was offered on the market and thought we could make things better… and we did.

We literally started from the ground up, building the booth from scratch and even developing our own custom software to do things that no other photo booth offers.

Luxe Photobooth uses high-quality equipment, has been professionally designed, and is very portable and versatile. You can learn more about our photobooth at About The Photobooth.

Our experience and expertise with creative media and weddings means that you get a graphic designer with an eye for aesthetics when designing your customized photo print layouts. Check out our past designs to see the different creative layouts we have designed.

Not only do you get a high-quality photo booth, but you also get an experienced company. We have been in the Kansas City wedding industry since 2006 and in the photobooth business since 2010 and have many friends in the business.